Crayola Experience Orlando

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A friend of mine at All American Pest Control told me about this place. He can be reached at Colors are undervalued considering how beauty and color are closely linked.  Colors resonate with our feelings and have a way of depicting the kind of person we are. Little wonder why people have favorites color or even colors they dislike the most. Colors are used for different forms of description even relatable to the body.

Crayons are one of the ways through which colors are produced; the wax created has different hues that make a color. Crayola is one of the many companies dedicated to producing the best quality crayons that can be easily used for different purposes.

Children in pre-school, kindergarten and nursery School definitely love crayons as it is the most popular tool they use for their best learning subject – coloring. The beauty that radiates from the crayons gives them goose bumps. The Crayola thought and decided on a way to celebrate the essence of crayons and colors, this gave birth to the opening of the Crayola experience, a place where everything is colorful and full of life. Apparently, the rainbow has got nothing on the Crayola experience when we talk about the beauty of colors.

The Crayola experience Orlando was created in the year 2015 as the second one of its kind, and it’s located at the world popular Florida mall. The Crayola experience Orlando is set at children having the best magical experience with colors. It enables children to easily find that color which resonates with their personality.

There are various activities that go down at the Crayola experience which provides fun and educative entertainment for the children. The children can showcase their talents by coloring and creating colorful imaginations but that’s not even the most exciting part of it. There is a virtual reality system that creates the replica of their imaginations. They can interact with their creations and feel a sense of achievement. It gives the children a hopeful sensation that their imaginations can become a reality. It also enhances their brain power as they are challenged to imagine things that are very creative.



Crayons are made of waxes which can easily be melted and remolded. At the Crayola experience Orlando, children are encouraged to gather their old crayons and not throw them out. They are guided through the process of melting the old crayons and using it to mold different things they fancy. Children can easily understand the essence of recycling through this fun and mind-boggling process.

The Crayola experience has a store where children can shop for their crayons palettes themselves. They will have a great time trying out different packs of crayons. Children love to have a sense of responsibility, believing they can actually get their own coloring tools suits that craving.

We all know dance is a recreational activity many children love to engage in, there is a dance booth at Crayola experience where children dance along to trying to copy the moves of their Crayola characters. It creates a feeling for the children that they can follow in the footsteps of the people they look up to.

Even the cafe provides great ice cream with different colored cones that ensure children learn in the best ways possible. They can easily get their favorite color cones to their satisfaction.

The process of making crayons may seem to be overly colorful but still, it involves a lot of creative and rigorous procedures. Children are engaged in the show of how crayons are being produced at the Crayola Experience. The whole encounter at the Crayola promises to be fun and exciting just like the colors of the rainbow